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Pente on-line BASE. Pente Pente Searching openings Base
Go-moku on the board 13x13 Analyzing of joseki. Go-moku Go-moku 13x13 some defenses by A. Nosovsky
Gomoku-Dos 15x15 Go-moku Gomoku playing program for 15x15 board
Pente for Begginers Pente Pente for begginers (English) Word (rtf)
Playing Go program 9x9 Go Playing Go program
Pente program Pente Ninuki Renju (Pente) program
Article with ninuki problem and solution Pente Information about old rules of Ninuki - mother of Pente
Shogi page of Grimberg Shogi Page about Japanese Game of Shogi (English)
My dougther Page - Page of my dougther (Russian)
Ukraine Go Federation Go Page about Japanese Game of Go (Russian)
Go for Begginers Go Page about Japanese Game of Go (Russian)
Link to Shogi ARSI Page Shogi Assosiation of Russian Shogi Players Link
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