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You can ask me about software named RenBase-Pro which is not free.
1."RenBase-Pro" Tool for searching positions in the Base" (Price 25 USD)
For those who is very poor we able suggest "RenBase-Light" with 7 USD, but RenBase-Pro is also available to make diagrams in .wmf format , save in .pos format make BMP files
Why you need RenBase -Pro because of their quality !
We have installed it in Russia, Japan, USA, Finland, Estonia, Korea, China, Taiwan in Windows 98 and compartable and it works fine !
Compearing with Stepanov/Sinev DataBase it search all possible games recording ) including positions with different starting moves, but finnally receiving the same position ! We also delite stupid games from the tournaments, fast draws and other spam, so our statstick is more realable and useful for making decision !
Compearing with RenLib you can list games one by one, sort them for Players, Years and so on - it is very usefull when you search some starting position - It is possible to investigate how it is played by strong players in last years ?
Of course you need Base for working with RenBase-Pro ! We give you Base10000 free with RenBase-Pro. But it is better to receive 20000 or more games recording at once, so we suggest Base20000 - price - 25 USD So, Total price for RenBase-Pro and Base20000 is only 50 USD !
You can download arhivated file of Help to understand what is this software.

You need not receive new Base after each new Tournament, we have option to add files in software. So, we also suggest servis of Subscription - only 2 USD for each new 100 games ! Becaming of subscriber of Base you will receive new games by e-mail (ziped short files) and by your self upgrade your Base !
You can also convert .buf files into RenBase format by yourself and add this files to the Base. You can also add your own files to the Base, by yourself ! You can reqiure this software by e-mail

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