Zvon Kamney - Renju Theory Book

You can ask me about book (190 pages)
1."Zvon Kamney" English name "Click of the Stones" (Price 10 USD)
You can download arhivated files to understand what is this book about.
The book is on Russian but it is very easy to read it because Comments are If 10-12 , then 11-15. Which means If White play by 10-th move into point marked as 13, then Black play into point marked 15. Ask me stigma.ltd@g23.relcom.ru about the way of payment . Ussially you need to add 5-8 USD for mail expensess which are differ from country to country.
We have possibility to receive money in Russia, USA, Japan, Korea, China other countries is possible to use WESTERN UNION servis.
Only after receiving your payment you can receive by registred mail book to your postal address which you can send me by e-mail.
We also have such books as
2."Art of Renju" (Russian) - 1.5 USD book for Beginners on Russian , include joseki how to play 6i and 6d opennings without 5-th alternative moves.
3. "Kamennie Djungli" - 5 USD (Russian) old theory book of Sagara , including Sakata and 5-th Alternative moves theory
4. " From Openning to Mittelshpile" Russian, Shogi-Theory book , 100 rub (3.5 USD)
5. " Shogi for Begginners" Russian , Shogi rules and information for begginers - 40 rub (1.5 USD)

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