4-th World Championship among Computer programs

Results, Problems Solving

Xiangdong Wen (China) living in USA with his program Renju Solver became Champion in Problems Solving Competition !
You can download his foto with Cup at Wens foto You can find his program WWW-page Wens WWW page Victor Barykin (Russia) with famouse Blackstone 3.9 was only 2-d in this competition.
Here you can download file with Problems from 4-th WC among Computer problems.
Download 10 problems in pos format from WC4 competition Third place won Hiroshi Kawaguchi from (Japan) with RenjuKozo2
The last was program Rostone by Wu Pengyu from China.
I have to say some good words about winner of the Tournament, generally program can solve all 10 problems, but it takes for that different setup, so really we can count only 8 solving problems.
It is very good instrument for analizing positions. You can improve setup by yourself increasing deep analyzing or wide (more points for analizing position).
You can also save all calculated variants in Renlib file automatically, which is very usefull.
You can also setup which mode you like analizing defence move or attacking move.
Really it is one of the most difficult questions " How to explain to AI to select this mode defence or attack".
But for practical uses for instance playing Tournaments in Internet by e-mail, the player can try both variants or select mode by himself.

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